Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas recording session

Christmas day was wonderful.
We stayed home, and invited some friends and church family to our house.

After eating way too much delicious food, we disappeared into the basement (the quietest place inside at the time) with our friends, Jon and Emma to try to record a few songs
                                                   The rabbits looked on with curiosity.

Much time was spent trying to get the microphones to cooperate with Jon's laptop
 and each other (my yeti doesn't play well with others). 
Then with random items from the house we constructed a padded closet, to act as a sound proof recording room.
That wooden room divider with towels draped over-top? Yep, that's the "sound proof recording room"
Oh yeah, we have a very professional set up :)  

However, after all that fussing about, we only used one microphone and
 found that things might work better if we squeezed the closet into the other room. 

It was already jam-packed with the foosball table, Mom's jewelry supplies, all of our arts n' crafts stuff, and general clutter that somehow collects when you're not looking, 
but that room has a door that we could close and lean a mattress against.
It was very sound proofed, and we made it work.

Jon and Bethany recorded the rhythm guitar part first, then added a couple other different layers to the mix. Then they stuck me in the closet to do my singing part.

Bethany: Which she did wonderfully.
Becca: No I didn't, couldn't you hear that flat note on-
Bethany: You did great, be quiet. It was my guitar that was flat.  :P

Jon played the melody during the instrumental verse at the end. 

Once the recording was done, Jon took it home and did some final audio editing.

Thanks Jon and Emma! 


  1. Looks like you guys had fun :) Wish I coulda been there. Sounds good!
    Mary F.

  2. That is so pretty! You are all very talented! Very well done!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nice pictures! I really enjoyed reading this post.

  4. Beautiful! You have a lovely voice. Very pure... but with a touch of moderness to it. Wonderful! And I liked seeing the pictures of the process too.

  5. Thanks everyone! We had a lot of fun recording, we're glad you like it!

  6. I don't like that picture. You said you were going to put the picture of me with my eyes crossed. And I didn't really do anything to help record.

  7. Oh Emma, you look very nice in that picture!
    You did help! you helped us arrange the basement into a recording studio, took some pictures, closed doors for us and we had more fun with you being there!

  8. I don't think I look nice in that picture. Though I do look like that a lot,maybe 50% of the time.

  9. I love all the step pictures, it was all very interesting.

  10. Hey this is Jon (whose now in Pennsylvainia) i thought it was a load of fun i let some people out here listen to it and they liked it, said you have a nice voice Becca. Good job o the guitar Beth. I gotta play with piano players out here me and one other kid play guitar but he hasnt practiced in like forever! Anyway good job hope we can do it again. Emma quit being annoying!

    1. Hi Jon!

      Thanks! It will be fun to do again sometime.


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