Monday, October 28, 2013

The Debut of Clever Bunnies Mercantile

by: Bethany

 So, I'm sure you are all excited to hear how our show went on Saturday, right?

It went pretty good! Except for the fact that we didn't sell anything. Well, at least not anything big, just some cookies. 
They weren't normal cookies either, they were "Chocolate Shortbread Bunny Biscuits" (biscuit = English word for cookie).

We nicknamed them muddy bunnies after they were dipped in chocolate.

I did some with icing too. I guess these would be...snowy bunnies?
We were so excited to find this cookie cutter, because it looks almost identical to our Sarah-Jane silhouette on our logo. 

 Besides that fact, it was a nice debut for our business. We received lots of lovely remarks how everything was so cute, and we were able to pass out our business cards to some people that have furniture pieces they would like fixed up. 
Plus, we got a lead for a bigger show in a couple of weeks from another vender (who we bought the most adorable boot socks from).


We knew this wasn't going to be a big show, but since it was right in our town, it was a good place to start.

Here's what our booth looked like!

Setting up Friday night
Our mom found that rug for us on clearance to give our booth a more homey feeling :)

We completely forgot to take any pictures the day of the show, so this isn't exactly what it looked like. We ended up bringing a table cloth for that blue card table on the right side so that we could hide our stuff under it, and we decided that "traffic" flowed better with the checkout table on the other side of the booth so that got rearranged a little too.

You haven't seen this project yet, have you?
This is Becca's, and there was a bit of drama as to if it would be ready in time for the show, but here it is!
(She'll do a full post on it soon)


  1. Yummy! I love muddy bunnies! :)

  2. love the desk, Becca it's super cute.

  3. Too bad you didn't sell much:( but the booth looks nice :) a lot furniture :) ~ Keturah

    1. We were a little disappointed, but we'll keep trying!

  4. Oh wow, nice arrangement! It looks like a cozy living room. I love the desk, and the bunny cookies. They look delicious. Bunnies are the best. Even if you didn't sell anything, it sounds like your first show went very well! (And those are adorable boot socks.)

    1. Thanks! Bunnies definitely are the best :)


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