Friday, May 10, 2013

1st Week Update

   The baby bunnies are officially one week old today!  Their fur is starting to grow, and we can now tell what colors they will be for sure.

There is one broken castor, and three black and white. The castor is from daddy, Simon. But where the black comes from is a bit of a mystery.
Even though they can't see yet, they are getting very active and like to explore the perimeter of their nest box when they are not occupied by their most favorite activity, napping.

We have started handling them (who could resist?), but because of their…um… let us say, bladder control issues, it is very risky to snuggle them close.  :)
This little black guy is our most marked yet. It's back and head are solid black except for a small white stripe down his forehead. So cute!

We will do another update very soon, because in only a few days their eyes will open, and that is one of the most exciting milestones of growth.
Keep checking in!

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