Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mission: $2 Deal

A large percent of the upholstery projects I do are for other people, either special orders, or redoing something to sell.

But now when having a home of my own is not so far away, and Shawn has found an apartment that needs furnishing, I can put my upholstery skills to use on something I'll be the one enjoying. :)  Well, Shawn first, but eventually the both of us.

He has a few things already, one of which is a dining table. But it needed chairs, so I've been on the hunt for some, and yesterday Mom and I went out adventuring together and came across these.

There was five of them, and only $2 each!!

Yes, they aren't very pretty, but I could change that.

I hadn't thought of reupholstering them right away, I'm headed back to camp today, and still have packing to do, but when Mom and I got home, Shawn texted, "How quick can you get two done?"

Well....let's find out!

Mom helped me take them apart, and I got to work. I finished one and a half last night, and will try to finish the last half today before I go. 

This might be the most speedy upholstery project I've ever done. :) It helped that I had the prefect fabric on hand- purchased for a different project that never came to be.

What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness, they are sooo cute! I love the fabric! And only $2 each? Score!


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