Monday, February 22, 2016

Nursery Makeover

Hello everyone!

It feels like it's been a while since we've posted a project. 
This isn't because we haven't been working on anything, actually quite the opposite. 

One of our projects has been in the works for a few weeks now, and there are still a few finishing touches I want to add before it's truly done... but I can still show what's happened so far.

Mom, Bethany and I, with Dad's financial help, have redecorated our church's nursery.
It's the first room outside our own home that we've done this for, and it was so much fun! 

I had been wanting to make some changes for a while now. 
After manning the nursery on Wednesday nights I've really noticed the issues it has.

It's a very small room, which is fine for our small church, but it's still a rather cramped space. There is quite a bit of furniture and stuff in the nursery, which fills up the already tiny area. Everything is all mismatched and hodgepodge. There is poor storage, and oddly enough a lot of unused space. Also, a few of the toys and book in the nursery where old/broken/missing parts and needed to be decluttered.

Take a look:
(Excuse the mess)

So the planning began!

We found tons of great ideas on Pinterest ( go figure ) :) 

And I sketched out some plans for brainstorming.

After making a budget, and list and taking a shopping trip, we were ready to get started.
Even while in progress we would get new ideas!

Here's the result:

Turns out we didn't need to buy anything for a magnet board.
 The fire door on the furnace room works just as well!  

This little clubhouse/changing table was a fun project, 
and has gotten a lot of attention from the kids.
 It'll get it's own post soon!

The plastic toy box was replaced by two of these storage benches,
a much cuter alternative, and doubling as a conversation area for the moms.

Beth did the fabric work; reupholstering the bench cushions and rocking chair. The left over fabric worked beautifully as curtains to pull everything together.

This mural is my favorite thing in the nursery. Mom suggested we do some sort of mural, and the medieval/fairytale themed puppets were begging for a castle tower.
And it wouldn't be complete without a complementary Bible verse :) 

Mom and I made the fabric pockets with wood pieces leftover from the clubhouse, paneling nails, hot glue, and gray flannel. So far, we've had to do a bit of reinforcing, but they're holding up.  :) 

The rocking chair really looks better with the new fabric and a fresh color.
It's been rocking babies since 1994, starting with Bethany :) 

Oh dear, sorry for the blurry picture. A good light source is something the nursery is lacking :) 

These bookshelves have been so great! Sturdy wooden spice racks from Ikea did the trick. 
The children's books were stored in the old dresser, and hardly ever read. Out of sight, out of mind.  
Now there are displayed on the wall and ready to read! 

(Umm... yes, a few are a tad crooked) 

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour. 
The families at church have really liked the nursery too! 


  1. I love it! Wish we all lived close enough for you to recover the cushions on my old rocking chair for Ivy's nursery. :) I'm planning to give it a try myself, any tips? It looks very similar to the one in your picture, just a seat cushion and back cushion. Anyway, love the nursery make-over, especially the mural!

    1. I took apart the old fabric with a seam ripper, and then used the pieces for a pattern for the new fabric. Although, I didn't put in a zipper like the orginal cushions had. Another tip would be to take lots of pictures of how the seams were on the old cushions to help remember how to put them back together. I hope it goes well for you! It's fun to recover something and give it a brand new look!

  2. WOW! You guys did a *great* job!! I love how you had two uses for everything, so that you still had the same amount of "stuff" without having the same amount of "stuff" actually taking up space in the room...haha.

    1. Thank you Emma! Yes, that was a big part of it- getting the most use out of what was in there. It makes a huge difference!

  3. This turned out so well! :D What cute ideas and great craftsmanship. I'm sure your church is blessed. :)

    1. Thanks Paige! There was a lot of learning and experimenting with this makeover, I'm glad it turned out well too :)

  4. Great job, you guys! My favorite bit is the tower with the verse next to it.
    Our church is in the process of updating our look, so I showed this to my mom and she says, "Nice. Very, very nice!" You may have given her an idea or two!

    1. Thanks Abbey! We really had fun with it. I'm glad we could share our ideas!


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