Friday, October 2, 2015

Lithop Update

Well, it looks like even with our edited schedule, it's still been hard to find time to post!

I shouldn't make any promises about posting more, but I do want to let you know we haven't deserted you all. :)

But enough of that. Today I'd like to update you on my dear babies.

Yes, my rock collection is growing. :)

I also added a layer of sand over the soil, as the soil has been packing down and the growing lithops needed more support around the base. 

I found a sand pile by my car in the gravel parking lot behind the dorm. As I was scooping the sand with my makeshift trowel (aka plastic spoon), I realized this nice pile of sand was actually a very large anthill! Thankfully, their front door was opposite from me, and we left each other alone. 

They all seemed to be doing well in the dorm. They would get plenty of light by the window (most of the time), when I remembered to leave the blinds open, and they were all growing bigger and taller...except for one.

Sometime this past week Becca came back into our room to the announcement- "There's been a fatality."

While looking over my lithops, I had found the smallest brown one leaning to the side, and when I tried to right it, I found section of the base was eaten away, nearly disconnecting it from it's root system. It wasn't firm and healthy looking like the others, and I could see it had stopped growing.

So what did I do?

"Since Monkees are notoriously curious..."

I decided to dissect it! 

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, is the inside of a lithop.

Cool, huh?

And very juicy. 

I'm not exactly sure what caused it, maybe an insect wanted a taste.

But the others are doing just fine, thankfully!

So, I know a few of you bought some lithops of your own after my post.
How are they doing?
Have you had any calamities? 
Any signs of blooms? (None for me yet)

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  1. How interesting! I'm glad that most of your lithops are doing well. Haha, I love that you dissected the casualty.


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