Saturday, September 12, 2015

When God edits your schedule...

With some free time Becca and I have recently acquired (more on that below), we thought it would be fun to do a fall outfit photoshoot, as the weather has been getting chillier. 

top || Goodwill
skirt || Goodwill
shoes || Thrift store

A double sunflower!
Look like Nancy Drew, anyone? :)
sweater || Goodwill
skirt || dorm free box 
(we've found a few treasures in there)
shoes || Thrift store

When we first learned about this Bible school, one of the ministry opportunities we heard that they had was a caroling group that went to Italy over Christmas break.  It sounded so cool!  The group had to memorize around 40 songs, some in Italian and Latin, but they got to dress up in victorian costumes, and (yes, I know I've said this already) go to Italy!!!

Needless to say, Becca and I were very interested in being a part of it.
When we came last semester, we heard that they hadn't been able to do it, because not enough people were willing to do it.  So we didn't miss anything, and there was a chance it could happen in the fall.

So, this semester, we were excited to see a sheet of paper about it in our registration packet, and waited in suspense for the try out date to be announced.

They actually weren't at the chapel, but we still got there in time. :)

More people signed up for the tryouts then I thought would, because there didn't seem to be many people interested.  But it went well, and a few days later the list of group members was tacked up on the bulletin board in the mailroom.

Becca and I made it! Along with two other girls and three guys. 

We had our first meeting to figure out the practice schedule, and found out one of the guys dropped out last minute.  We were disappointed, but there was still time to find a replacement.

The practice schedule was going to take a lot of time.  Three days a week, for a few hours each, to make sure we could get our parts down and learn the songs well.

Then one of the girls decided she needed to go home for Christmas break and couldn't do the trip.  Thankfully, there was another girl interested who could take her place.  Hurray!  
With only two guys, though, we still needed more members, and too many other activities vied for their involvement.  We were going ahead with practice anyway, praying that if God wanted us to go, He would provide the people.

Then Thursday came.  One of our last guys told us that with all the practice on top of homework, he didn't think he could do it.  It was just too overwhelming, and he didn't want all his free time taken away.  Understandable, but hard, because the group was shrinking yet again.

A decision had to be made.  There just wasn't enough people willing to make the commitment, and so the trip had to be canceled, and we all trudged sadly back to our dorms.

As disappointing as it was, it's really been a blessing too.  When we started this semester, we wanted to make a point to reach out to the freshmen, and be able to spend time with people.  With our days filled with school work and singing practice though, it made those opportunities few and far between.  
Going to Italy would have been amazing, but now God has given us the time to serve others right here at school, during what could be our last semester here.  We'll be available to do special music at chapel with friends, and maybe even make some short movies! 

When the trip was first canceled, I didn't want to see the positive side of it, but now I'm excited to see how God fills the time He's opened up in our schedules.

Post by Bethany
Photography by Becca and Bethany


  1. Oh, that was probably a disappointment, but great outlook!!!!!

    Love those outfits - and the Nancy Drew pose ;D And Becca, one of my friends has a skirt very much like that!!!!!!

  2. Adorable outfits girls!! I'd wear them both. And funny enough, I have that same skirt as Bethany's! Your shoes are such great finds! Yay for thrifting!

    I'm so sorry about you not being able to go over seas girls. How sad to have your hopes raised, then dropped time and time again. But it's a huge encouragement to hear that you're choosing to rejoice anyways. You know, keep your attitudes right, because God sees that and will surely reward someway in the end FOR that. :)

    the elder sister

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the train tracks.
    I'm sorry that you weren't able to go to Italy. I know that you two were looking forwards to that. I'm glad you can see the bright side, though!

  4. I love the outfit pictures. And the area were you took them.

    That is disappointing about Italy. I am glad there are blessings in spite of it. Hopefully it will work out some other time.

  5. I love you're Nancy Drew pose ,Becca, the only thing you're missing is someone in the bushes looking out at you.=)


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