Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015!


Ring in the New Year!

Well, not quite yet, but I don't know if I really want to wait until midnight to post this. I guess there is always next year to do it. ;)

 It's hard to believe how 2014 has flown by.

So much has happened, so much has changed.

There's been weddings and funerals of dear friends, joys and heartaches.

This spring marked the end of Becca's high school education, and this Monday was the last day of my job at our local library. We said goodbye to our rabbits and saw them off to new homes.

School is on the forefront of our minds, but after those first four months of the year are over, we have yet to see.   

What other things will 2015 will hold? Only God knows, and we trust He will reveal His plans with His perfect timing, as He always does.

Does it help to worry about any of this? Of course not, even though I have to keep reminding myself of this.

It does help, however, to remember this, wherever God has placed you at this time in your life:

Happy New Year!

~The Clever Bunnies


  1. Happy new year! I hope the next brings great blessings and adventure. :) I really like your quote.

    1. Thanks! A friend just shared that with us today, and we thought it was a good one to pass on.

  2. Happy New year to you both! So much has happened for me in a year also!! So many new friends, New good things :) And there's more to come! I love both of the pictures in today's post.

  3. Happy New Year. I hope you guys have a great time at college! Tell us how your first week goes.

    1. Thanks! We'll try to keep you guys updated!

  4. May God bless you with a wonderful New Year!

  5. Keeping with the Bunnies theme, it should be "Hoppy" New Year! ;-D :-)

    Hope you and Becca have a great 2015 with its new adventures, etc.

    God bless!


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