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Doctor Who Party || Games & Activities

All right, back on track!

We knew that we couldn't just sit in front of the television for the entire party (the Wire might get us), so Becca and I planned some games to do throughout the time of the party.

After pulling ourselves away from the baby bunnies, we went inside for tea and Jammie Dodgers.  While our guests snacked, we gave them each a list of clues to help them find the various Doctor Who objects hidden around our house.


We had a lot of fun thinking up things to hide, and the clues to go with them.

We already had...
 a recorder,
Four's scarf,
 a crocheted Mr. Sweet (yes, strange, I know),
 Agatha Christie Books, 
and some crocheted Daleks.

For the other things, writing on a mirror with soap was a quick way to make 
 "Bad Wolf".  
Black cubes were easily made from card stock. 
"Vote Saxon" was printed out and placed over a picture in our dining room. 
We founded a creepy cherub statue in a thrift store and painted it gray.
 I crocheted an Adipose baby and Becca embroidered it's darling face.

What about the hand, you ask?

When we came up with the idea for the hand, we thought finding a fake severed hand would be easy, with Halloween in only a few weeks.  However, no stores in our area had one!
So we ordered one online.  There was actually a pair of them, sold as stage props.  We had a lot of fun hiding them in different places, until we discovered when we put it behind our fish tank, (say hi, Archie), you could only see it by looking into the front of the tank.  From the top and sides, it was like an optical illusion, reflections hiding the hand from view.

Not everyone had seen all the episodes that our clues and objects came from, but we were happy to give hints.

The next activity took place after watching the first two episode of Doctor Who. 

We knew we wanted to play a trivia game, and Becca found a great list of questions HERE!

But how could we play in a way that had to do with Doctor Who?

Hey! What about that episode with Nine and Rose and Satellite 5?
What if we played it like...

The Weakest Link!

So it was every man for himself; six players, five rounds, and at the end of each round, a player was voted off.
A correct answer was remembered with a tally mark on the player's hand.
When you get to the final round the winner is decided by the tally marks.

Becca was voted off after the first round, because the other players felt threatened by her.  :)

Becca: Mwahahaha!

When it was time to bring everyone to the rendezvous point, we found that some of the parents were going to be late...
But that wasn't going to be a problem, we knew just how to spend the extra time.
We played this awesome game!

One night after introducing our cousins to Doctor Who with the episodes "Rose" and "Blink", we made up a very, very fun game.

We call it Weeping Angel tag, or Statue Tag, but tag isn't quite the correct term, because it's not as simple as that.

Becca: How does "Weeping Angel Escape" sound?
Beth: I like it!

Would you like to hear how it's played?

Wonderful! Then lets get to it.

What you need:
Willing participants.
 (You need at least three players and if they're Whovians, all the better!)
It is a great game for teens, but kids love it too. We have played sucessfuly with ages seven and up.
A house, and/or a large area outside with things to hide behind.
(Farmyards work really well!)

Now you are ready to go!

Players divide into two teams: angels and people.

Outside, people usally have the advantage (they can run for their lives),
so there can be more angels.

Angels have the advantage indoors (more places to hide),
so there can be more people.

If you have an uneven number of players keep those tips in mind.

There's a point A, and a point B.
These two points could be anywhere!
Upstairs to downstairs, inside to outside, from the lampost to the gazebo!
All that is up to you.

To begin, the people start at point A and count to a decided number. Whilst the angels make a stratagy and conceal themselves.

The peoples' goal is to get from point A to point B. They may split up, or stay in a group.
Whatever strategy is theirs to choose. They win the game by getting the majority of their team to point B; bonus points if everyone lives!

The angels' goal is to zap all the people back in time and let them live to death :)
Just like the original Weeping Angels, they can't move if the people are looking at them.
If they tag the majority of the people, the angels win.

Here are some gound rules.

Eye contact must be made with the angels to freeze them, which is hard when you're playing in the dark. If it's difficult to see faces, just tell the angel you're looking at them.
 (Please don't lie to the angels)
The people can use flashlights too.

People cannot run backwards while looking at the angels. If they chose to run, they must commit and turn their back to the angels.

Yes this sounds complicated, but once everything gets going it is really quite simple...


  1. This sounds like so much fun!!!

  2. "You are theweakestlink."
    What fun games! I love the celery stick in the flower vase and the hand behind the behind tank.


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