Friday, May 30, 2014

Retro Camper Renovation || Part 1

Are you ready for an adventure with Becca and me as we take on our biggest project yet?
Well, it's not that big...

14' 4" by 6'6" to be exact. 

Original brochure for the camper. 

When a dear friend of ours, Annie, said she was going to give us her camper as a graduation gift, we were super excited.

 Look how adorable it is!

Our minds buzzed with all the things we could do with it, the places we could go, and the adventures that await us! 

While all those things are exciting, before any treks take place, there is a bit of elbow grease that needs to be put into this little darling.

First off, it needed a good washing. That was our project when we brought it home on Saturday. There was about 25+ years worth of lichen growing on it, but it shined up very nice.

This weekend we'll work on really cleaning out the inside, see what needs to be fixed, and take measurements for upholstering the cushions.

Would you like to take a peek inside?

All right then, allons-y!

Here we have a lovely example of the late 1960's color palette of Avocado green and orange. Looks like there's some lime green and brown thrown in there too. Groovy!  :)

We have a cozy little kitchen with all the essentials, and you only have to turn around to put supper on the table. What convenience! 

Time for bed? 

The sofa converts into a double bed,

and the dinette area turns into another bed.

There is a bunk above the sofa that can fold down, but it's a tight squeeze up there, so we're thinking it would be better used by a little person. 

There's also lots of little cubbies to store things in, and a mirror for getting ready for the day!

As you could see in the first picture, the ceiling needs some help, and I'm sure there will be lots of other things to do to get it road ready. 



Thank you SO MUCH Annie!


  1. A retro camper? How fun is that? :) I look forward to seeing what you two do with it.

  2. Oh wow, how fun! I can't wait to see the renovation process. Are you going to keep the avocado green and orange color scheme or go with something less... 60's? :P (There should be a superhero called Flower Power.)

    1. Well, we're keeping the green appliances, but the orange is going, and we are going to brighten up things in there a lot. It will still be retro, but in a cuter way. :)

  3. Oh! My! That is a dream job for you girls! Woo hop! Cant wait the see the work in progress!!!


    The eldest sister & singer

  4. IT IS SO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to see what you are able to do with it!!!!

  5. Wow! That is a really neat gift!!

  6. One of my dreams is to get a trailer similar to this, and go camping in it with my younger sister, so I am super looking forward to following your restoration process!!! BTW, I think your blog is the epitome of cute vintage-ness. :)


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