Monday, July 1, 2013

Ridin' with the Fishes

By Becca

The gravel road to a friend's farm has turned into a pond

That title sounds weird doesn't it? Well it's true.

After the tornado it rained each night for days, water water everywhere ( and lots in the basement ).

We weren't very surprised when we went on our morning bike ride, that the lake water has risen dramatically, but we were surprised to hear fish rustling in the grass and then swimming alongside us on the road : )

I have photo evidence.

It was rather daunting, coming round a bend in the road and seeing the road disappear. After a bit of discussion we went for it, walking our bikes through the ankle deep water.

As soon as we entered the water, we knew we where not alone.  A sudden splash a few feet ahead,  swishing grass to our left and rippling water to our right told us that we had company…

 The size of the fish was what startled us most, they were (we guessed) about 12 to 16  inches!

There were groups of two or three all along the flooded road, and they made the walk quite entertaining.

I was tempted to try to grab one and bring him home in my bike basket : )

The road emerged from under the water and we mounted our bikes again.  On the return trip, we were brave and road on through. The fish swam alongside ( I didn't take any pictures of that, as I was more focused on keeping my bike from capsizing )

We took a quick break to check out the dock ( which was also submerged).

 Can you see the minnows?

Look at the bottom right corner, isn't that so cool?!

Yes, that is Beth way over there.
 I tend to lag behind whenever I bring my camera :)

 On the way home I found a painted turtle,but  he didn't like me.  He tried to run away when I took his picture and he hissed at me when I adjusted him… I thought he was cute.

The waters have receded now and the road is dry.  
It will be hard to forget the morning when we road with the fishes.

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