Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet Sarah-Jane

by: Beth

  This is Sarah-Jane, our newest addition to the rabbitry.  I know she looks just like Stormy, but black rabbits do tend to have that resemblance :).  Sarah-Jane is actually Stormy's replacement since Stormy is officially retired.  Since she was four years old, and had three unsuccessful breedings this Spring, we thought it would be best to find her a new home.  It really worked out well, because we found Sarah-Jane, and rehomed Stormy all in the same week!
  But this is Sarah-Jane's welcome post, not Stormy's retirement party, so I'll try to stay on task  :)

Sarah-Jane is about two months old, very darling, and to all you Doctor Who fans out there, yes, she is named for Sarah-Jane Smith, one of our favorite companions of the Doctor.
  I let her out in the rabbit fence this afternoon to take some pictures of her, but she was having such a blast running around that she wouldn't hold still!  So I had to put her in a smaller pen, which made her very sad.  That's why she's staring wistfully out of her chicken wire prison in the picture above.  Then she ran franticly back and forth, bumping her little nose against the sides until she collapsed... 

After a minute she caught her breath and was back to hopping about, so I didn't get any good pictures of her sweet little face.
  Sarah-Jane also has a pedigree (a record of her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents).  Since we don't breed rabbits for show, it doesn't really matter, but it was fun to see her ancestor's names and that some of them had seven to twelve legs-

Yes, you read correctly, but these "legs" are actually awards from shows.  Sarah-Jane's great grandparents were prize winners, not centipedes.  I'm not sure why they're called legs… I'll have to do some research on that I guess.

Oh, and before I forget… 

                                Happy Independence Day!

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