Friday, July 14, 2017

So Far, So Great!

This song is probably the kid's favorite at School's Out.
It was one of the songs I taught them on my first week, with motions too - and the next day two of the girls were trying to sing it and asked me to help them with the words. That was so neat!

It sounds like they really haven't had a music aspect at School's Out before, but so far the kids seem to like it. It's a great way to fill part of the afternoon and keep some order, or even a quick fill in between activities.😄 I love pulling out songs from my childhood and sharing them with the kids! When I was their age, the singing time was my favorite part of, Sunday School, Camp, VBS...etc and it's so neat seeing them enjoying it too!
It's a great way to teach and reinforce truths with the kids, plus it's something they take home with them and sticks in their minds. 

Yesterday morning, another one of the Teachers started singing "This is the day" while we were playing outside in our lot. Some of the kids where singing the echo and she smiled "The most unexpected ones are singing." She said. 

I've really enjoyed my job so far, the time goes by so fast, and the kids are excited to see me. 
It's been crazy and fun! 😛
How's your summer going?

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