Monday, March 27, 2017

"Do you want to know a secret?"

You know that friend I mentioned in this post?

His name is Shawn.

He was just a friend when we planted those tulips, we had maybe know each other for about a month. He kept coming to camp, so I had to think of things to do together. :) 
I learned that day he had worked for a landscaper during high school, so he knew more about planting bulbs then I did.

Not too long after that he had a talk with my father, and he came to camp the next week with a huge bouquet of flowers and asked, 

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

I said yes. :) 

But he's not my boyfriend anymore.

This Saturday he came to camp and asked me to go for a walk with him.

We didn't get very far, we were next to a little gazebo on the camp property, and Shawn asked if it needed to be repainted, so of course I started looking at it, saying something about how maybe it did, but with other projects at camp we might not have time. I turned back to look at him, and his face got serious as he said "I have something else to ask you."

He got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring.

"Bethany, will you marry me?"

By the way, I said yes.

(More of the story coming soon)


  1. Congratulations Bethany! So happy for you!

  2. I am so excited! Love you both so very much!

  3. AHHHHHH!!! Congratulations!! How exciting! I'm so happy for you!

  4. The ring is so gorgeous, the way you told the world more so. I'm so happy this has all worked out so well for you both! I pray God blesses you BOTH very much!!!!

  5. Congratulations Bethany! :D May the Lord bless your union to bring Him glory!


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