Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hey Stranger :)

By Becca

AAAAAAHHHHHHH- ahhhh, hello there!

Well it's certainly been a while since the last post. Skipping over an entire month is a record for us, and it's not for lack of blogging material :) Life has just been busy - Plus Beth has always been the better blogger anyways. 

So, let's play a bit of catch up, shall we? 

I LOVE this desk!!

Mom bought it for me this fall. She has one like it, minus the hutch, and found it helped her organization. 
We had a bit of an adventure actually getting Big Blue home, but it's been so worth it!

I can fit pretty much all of my craft supplies in the three massive drawers, plus the desk part can hide any of the WIPs.  Also, I'm rather proud of my little teacup collection, which fits so nicely in the hutch!

With my new desk being such a nice H.Q for all my art projects, I ought to show maybe one or two I've been working on.

One of my favorite things, is designing graphics on my favorite site: PicMonkey 

From there it's just a few measurements away from being a printed template.

The most reliable way I've found to then transfer the design to a canvas or fabric, is the tracing paper used for fabric patterns.

From there it's just paint, patience, and a steady hand to have your design now a non digital piece of art :) Great for Christmas presents! 

Even then, once the paint is dry, the fun could have just started :) From there you could add a number of fun multimedia details, whether some paper collage, another wash of paint for depth, or glitter, or fabric and lace, or even some embroidery!

A dramatic shot of one of my favorite art supplies :) 

I have more I could share, but I should save something for later posts! :) 

So for now, I ought to say so long. 

How was your Thanksgiving?
How do you like to do Christmas presents?
Do you have a H.Q.? 


  1. ooooooh!!! Love your cabinet sooo much!! So pretty... and the tea cup collection is darling. I've been using PicMonkey a lot, too. Actually first heard of it from you all. Love it to pieces!

    Thanksgiving was great... but the day after was a blast as I went for a hike in the mountains with my siblings. Super fun and wasn't too cold yet.

    H.Q.? Probably my room, or bed, as that's where I do all my writing ;b

    And so happy to see another post by you all! Can't wait to see those future projects ;)

    1. Awww thanks! :) And I'm glad you've enjoyed PicMonkey.
      Hiking in the mountains! Sounds so pretty!
      I'll try to keep on top of things :)

  2. Replies
    1. YAY! And hopefully back for a while now :)

  3. That cabinet is fantastic! I'm glad that you two are keeping busy. :)


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