Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fit for a Parlor

Free stuff is cool, isn't it? Especially when it looks like this.
A friend gave me these a while back, and I finally got the opportunity to work on them!

Yes, they're in rough shape, but aren't they beautiful?

Yep, that's water damage and bird poop. I think they lived out in a barn at some point in their lives.

With old chairs, everything is attached with about a thousand little tacks, but once I pulled them all out I could start working on the wood.

Some of the old stain/varnish was already flaking off, but it still took a while to sand all the nooks and grooves of the carved front legs.

The original fabric I bought for these chairs was a bit of a disappointment. The pattern was much bigger then I had expected, and looked too modern for the style of the chairs.

Then while we were on weekend outing and stopped in a Jo-ann Fabric store, we found this.

This picture makes it look more grey blue then it really is, let's try to find another...

Here's the picture right off the website. It's funny how lighting can change the colors of things.

Ready for the reveal.



All ready for a tea party in a victorian parlor, don't you think? 


  1. Oooooooo!!! Absolutely amazing!! I really, really love the new look.

  2. Love the transformation! Awesome job!

  3. Beautiful! I love the dark and light contrast between the wood and the new fabric. What are you planning to do with these chairs?

  4. Wow those chairs look beautiful! Great job! I love antique furniture. ^ ^

  5. Wow...these transformation photos are just always soooooo amazing!!!!


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