Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Something has invaded our home...

This little fellow wandered into our house out of the cold. He was too cute to turn away, but we are starting to regret letting him in.

Just kidding.  :)

This Dalek has been my most recent crochet project,
 and it looks like I'll be making another one for Becca.

The pattern was free, and can be found here.

Rosie has also experienced a bit of an invasion.

Her favorite place to sit has been requisitioned by Robin Hood's band.

(Sorry for the red-eye)
"Mummy, there's no room for you!"

Much, Marian, Kate, Alice, Will, and Luke.

 All of the babies are getting very big, and at a little over four weeks old, they will be on their way to new homes soon.

   Rosie is quite tired of them pestering her and getting into trouble, and she will be glad to see them off. 

Sarah Jane on the other hand, has decided that her children are quite nice, especially for taking naps with.

Guy Gal &  Isabelle.  

Meg and Mama
The pet store had room for four of the babies today, so Rosie has a bit of a break with just Will and Marian left at home.


  1. That is one cute Dalek!! I need one. ;)

    Aww, your bunnies are so beautiful! They look so soft and I wish I could pet them:)

    1. They are cute, but mischievous. The bigger they get, the harder it is to keep them out of trouble. :)

  2. I laughed at that first picture:)

  3. I would say you had gone quite crazy for letting a Dalek in your house, but he is rather cute and I think I would have done the same.

    THE BUNNIES ARE ADORABLE!!!!! I wish I lived closer. My brother and I are thinking of getting bunnies this summer. I had one but she died of old age two years back. I'm starting to miss having one.
    I love the names you picked for them all

    1. My mom thought I was a little crazy when I told her I was going to make one.

      Thanks! We're taking a road trip this summer, maybe we could make a rabbit delivery. :)

  4. Look how big and cute those bunnies are!!
    I hope you got your dog back. Was he/she just transported to a Dalek ship like in the game-show episode from the first season?


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