Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coral Floral Desk

By: Becca

This was one of the other finds that we "came upon" in the dim light of the street lamp, and promptly snatched off of someone's lawn. 
Mind you, there was a sign out that said "Free", wasn't that nice of them?

This piece was a sweet, and oddly petite wooden desk; we assumed it was child-sized.
I had seen pictures of a certain paint design and thought that this little desk might be a good candidate.
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Isn't that cool? 
I love this picture, the colors, the rabbit, the curtains and the granny square blanket- so cute!
Beth and I want to try this with a dresser we picked up at a thrift store.

Now to do something like that, to my desk.
I thought it could work, but what color should I do?

Blue seemed popular, but we already had some blue in our inventory. We needed some variety.
Besides who wants to do something just because it's popular?

What about coral? It's bright, happy, girly, but not exactly pink.

Ooo!  Look at this adoral coral fabric on clearance at Wal-mart. I could line the drawers with it!

We matched the paint color to the fabric and found some new drawer pulls too.

Once I finished painting, it seemed to be needing something… 
The white was just too - blank.
Mom helped me fill visual gap with the flower design from the fabric, and it's was perfect : )

Wait! What good is a desk if there isn't a chair to sit in while you work at it?

Oh, yeah… good point, I probably should do something about that.

The space for the chair fit into was rather small, a bit wider than 12 inches across.
We looked and looked but couldn't find anything that would fit in there.
Well, does it really have to fit under there? 
Maybe it could just be a nice place for your knees to go : )

Because if that was the case, this white retro chair might be a nice match.

Bethany could recover it with the coral fabric-
like so:

And no one will mind that it's actually a 70's era Tulip chair : )
They look so cute together-

Close ups of the flower designs

 Cupboard and drawers lined with fabric.

If I was smaller, I'd be tempted to keep it! 
 I hope some little girl will love it as much as I do. 


  1. Wow!! That desk has got to be one of the cutest things yet that you have done :)

    1. Thanks Keturah!
      I think it is too : )

  2. That is adorable! I love it! If I ever get a house I'm determined to get furniture from you two.

    I have this image of the two of you stalking your neighbor hood, snatching up rejected items, and running off with them while laughing insanely....

  3. Thanks Jack!
    Usually the size of said item determines whether we run off or sneak it into our van. :D
    But yes, we do laugh, thought sometimes rather nervously...


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